Asbestos Surveys from the Experts


If you are looking for a professional organisation who will help you to take care of your property if it contains asbestos then look no further than Envirohive who have a qualified and experienced team of technicians who work to meet very strict regulations to ensure that you, your visitors, your staff and your property is safe and will not create risks to the people working inside.


You may be the owner of a residential property, a commercial outlet or an industrial site that contains asbestos - or that you would like to be assessed to check that there is not asbestos present, if that is the case then you may like to contact the Envirohive team to find out how they can help.


They work hard to ensure that your property is in safe hands and that it meets with government regulations as well as ensuring that your insurance policy remains valid, as risk claims may not be accepted and your insurance deemed invalid if you do not take out responsibility for your property and any asbestos within it.


Call the team today on 01276 501 439 or email for a prompt response.


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