Hazardous Materials Survey


Legislation, due diligence and best working practices are changing at a fast pace in the UK when the question of demolishing property is being asked. Whilst it has long been accepted that asbestos surveys must be carried out on any building due to be demolished further questions are now being asked about what other hazardous materials may be present within a given property.


EnviroHive Ltd now have the ability to answer some of these questions within hazardous material inspections to encompass:


• Asbestos Containing Materials ( also referred to as ACM’S)

• Lead Paint (Lead paint applications to period features and steelwork)

• Fluorescent & Metal Halide Lighting

• MMMF & Organic/Synthetic Fibres

• PCB’s in mastics, caulks, adhesives and bitumens

• Anthrax in building material particularly horse hair lathe & plaster


EnviroHive Ltd will attend your premises and undertake a hazardous materials survey report highlighting areas where these materials are present, the extent of contamination and condition and will detail laboratory results for all tested materials. Following the findings of their survey report, Envirohive will provide advice and a recommended course of action to ensure that you comply with your legislative duties.


If you require a survey inspection for hazardous material please contact EnviroHive Ltd and a member of their expert team will be happy to discuss your requirements.


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