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Do you own a commercial property in Portsmouth? Are you considering buying a commercial property in Portsmouth? Either way, it will need an asbestos survey before the transaction may take place.

The Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 is a legal requirement that property owners and buyers must comply with. Any residential or commercial property constructed before the year 2000  has the potential to contain asbestos materials. These may be present within the property in plain sight or hidden within the fabric of the building.  This regulation applies to all commercial properties, but also residential flats and communal areas.

EnviroHive carry out asbestos surveys for clients of all sizes in Portsmouth from public sector bodies to private individuals. Our surveyors and consultants will inspect your property for asbestos-containing materials and compile the necessary report to assist you in understanding your liabilities and complying with your legal obligations.  

Two Types of Asbestos Surveys

EnviroHive offers two different types of surveys. A non-intrusive standard Asbestos  Management  Survey and an intrusive Refurbishment/Demolition Asbestos Survey. An Asbestos Management survey is a standard compliance survey that will involve a detailed and thorough visual inspection of all areas of the property or those areas identified within a given scope. Samples and this report can then be used alongside an Asbestos Management Plan (AMP) in order to ensure compliance with the Control Of Asbestos Regulations 2012.

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Asbestos surveys are mandatory for commercial and some residential buildings if they were constructed prior to the year 2000. Even though health experts began to warn the public about asbestos in the 1970s, buildings and houses continued to be built with it regardless.

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Asbestos Surveys

We undertake asbestos surveys as directed by UK legislation. We provide Management Asbestos Surveys & Refurbishment/Demolition Asbestos Surveys for all residential properties, commercial properties & industrial properties.

Lead Paint Surveys

Lead paint surveys & analysis are crucially important for those involved in refurbishment or renovation, particularly in period properties or listed buildings which have been neglected or have remained unchanged for some time.

Anthrax & Horse Hair Surveys

EnviroHive Ltd undertake Anthrax Surveys & Tests on horse hair and other animal hairs within plaster including lathe and plaster varieties which can feature within older buildings, particularly listed properties.

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