Asbestos Surveys

We undertake asbestos surveys as directed by UK legislation. We provide Asbestos Management Surveys & Asbestos Refurbishment/Demolition Asbestos Surveys for all Residential properties, Commercial properties & Industrial properties.

Lead Paint Surveys

Lead paint surveys & analysis are crucially important for those involved in refurbishment or renovation, particularly in period properties or listed buildings which have been neglected or have remained unchanged for some time.

Anthrax & Horse Hair Surveys

EnviroHive Ltd undertake Anthrax Surveys & Tests on horse hair and other animal hairs within plaster including lathe and plaster varieties which can feature within older buildings.

VOCs Testing

VOCs refer to a diverse range of carbon-based compounds found within older building materials. EnviroHive Ltd are able to undertake material testing and surveying for VOCs within building materials within Industrial, Commercial and Residential premises.

Formaldehyde Testing

Formaldehyde is a colourless chemical used in older building materials as a preservative or disinfectant. Samples of the materials in question are taken and thorough laboratory testing results are produced to show if formaldehyde is present and in what quantities.

PCBs Testing

PCBs are mixtures of chlorinated compounds produced to form oily liquids or solids. EnviroHive Ltd undertakes material testing and surveying for PCBs within Industrial, Commercial and Residential premises.

Asbestos Testing

We arrange with you to attend the property and carry out the sampling process. The sample is then sent to a UKAS accredited laboratory for testing. Results are usually available within 48 hrs.