Refurbishment and Demolition Asbestos Surveys

Refurbishment-Demolition Asbestos Surveys

Refurbishment-Demolition asbestos surveys (RD) are a legal requirement for properties which will be subject to demolition, renovation & refurbishment. Whether the property in question is a garage or a entire University campus the requirement is the same and this type of intrusive inspection will attempt, as far as reasonably practicable, to locate where asbestos containing materials have been used in the construction of the property, particularly in difficult to reach places such as the structure or fabric of the building.

Where a property is due to be refurbished, demolished or part thereof, the asbestos survey should assess all elements which will be disturbed during the impending works, if a property is being extend, or additional floors are being added, so the survey should ascertain what asbestos materials are present within these areas. Where a property is being demolished the inspection will need to assess the property as a whole in order for any asbestos containing materials to be removed correctly by a licensed asbestos removal contractor prior to general demolition of the property.


Commercial & Industrial Properties

Commercial refurbishments, strip-outs, refits and demolition works require careful planning from an early stage and asbestos surveys form a critical part of the information required so as those involved or responsible for the works can allow for the findings of the refurbishment-demolition asbestos survey to be acted upon. Individuals or companies such as Architects, Project managers & Surveyors, CDM principle designers, sub-contractors, principle contractors and the client must ensure a survey has been carried out and any asbestos materials which fall within the scope of the works are removed or managed correctly.

RD asbestos surveys are intrusive by nature as stipulated by HSG264, areas of particular concerns when carrying out this type of inspection will be floor, wall and ceiling voids which are not usually accessed when compared to a management asbestos survey. Depending on the scope of works some areas of the property might need to be accessed using intrusive inspection techniques in order to inspect the harder to reach elements of a given building. This type of inspection cannot normally be carried out whilst the property is either still occupied or trading or where the property is to be reoccupied. The only exceptions to this is when a feasibility study is being undertaken or where a building has a high level of occupancy such as retail or buildings open on continuous basis. In situations such as these the asbestos survey should be undertaken out of hours when the property is vacant ( or special arrangements made for it to be vacated). If there is a significant period of time between the refurbishment-demolition asbestos survey being undertaken and the eventual vacating of the property to allow the works to begin, so temporary or permanent reinstatement will be need to be made immediately following the inspection in order to make good any damaged caused during the survey prior to the area being reoccupied.


Residential Properties

The requirements for residential properties are much the same as commercial or industrial ones . Those involved in renovations, extensions or demolition works of houses including properties such as nursing and care homes or listed residences the requirement for a survey to be undertaken is the same, a full survey including samples taken from any suspect materials for laboratory confirmation, the need to ascertain what asbestos containing materials are present prior to starting are critically important and legally required.

As with any refurbishment-demolition asbestos survey the inspection should be relevant to the areas involved or the scope of works, if the scope is narrow and only effects one area of the property such as a particular floor or roof space there maybe no need to carryout an inspection of the entire property, examples of this might include loft conversation or single story extensions.

Where a property is being demolished to make way either for a new property or several the required survey will need to assess the property as a whole and this can only be done when the property is vacant and will remain so. Once the survey and report have been completed any asbestos containing materials which have been identified can then be programmed for removal prior to the property being demolished.


Some of the common places where asbestos containing materials are used

Flue pipe & soil pipes including rainwater goods
Textured coating  ( Artex)
Paper backings
Friction products clutches and brake linings
Bitumen & mastic adhesive
Corrugated, profiled and flat cement sheet
Asbestos insulating board as ( Porch Panels, under window panels, soffit board, door linings, hot air cupboard linings, paneled ceilings, suspended ceilings, firebreaks and beam cladding)
Pipe lagging and insulation including boiler vessels
Under-cloaking tiles
Damp Proof Course
Gaskets & rope seals in high temperature plant, including fuse board and breakers
Sprayed coatings
Thermoplastic floor tiles ( sometimes called Marley floor tiles)

If you are unsure as to which asbestos survey type you require please contact us and one of our surveyors will be happy to discuss your requirements.

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Asbestos Surveys

We undertake asbestos surveys as directed by UK legislation. We provide Management Asbestos Surveys & Refurbishment/Demolition Asbestos Surveys for all residential properties, commercial properties & industrial properties.

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