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Lead Paint Survey

EnviroHive Ltd provide lead paint surveys, lead paint tests & assessments on all property types. The health concerns associated with lead have long been recognised and it is now common for CDM Principle Designers (coordinators), architects, principle contractors and building occupiers involved in refurbishment works to request information about old coatings and applications within a given building prior to the start of any works.

Lead paint surveys & analysis are crucially important for those involved in refurbishment or renovation, particularly in period properties or listed buildings which have been neglected or have remained unchanged for some time. In some circumstances readily occupied properties such as schools and hospitals will also require information pertaining to the nature and condition of painted surfaces and applications.

The process of undertaking a lead paint survey is much the same as other types of inspection. A surveyor will attend site to inspect the property and make a detailed register of lead paint coatings, this will involve taking readings of painted finishes using an onsite XRF analyser within a given room or area depending on the scope of works. XRF analysers are able to detect lead and other heavy metals at very low concentrations very quickly. EnviroHive are one of the only companies in the UK that operate this type of technology which means we are able able to confirm results the same day or even within a few hours depending on the urgency required. This type of non-destructive testing is superior in several ways, it is significantly quicker than the traditional method of taking physical samples of paint, it does not create damage and it is more cost effective when sampling in volume. We strongly advise our clients that this method of testing is far superior than the method of physically taking flakes of paint from surfaces.

Within residential buildings (in particular those that are listed) lead paint can be found on any period surface or substrate such as doors and architraves, skirting boards dado rails, timber features such as box sash windows and decorative wood panel. Other wooden features such as banisters and spindles, floor boards and internal/external shutters can also contain many layers of lead paint which have been over painted several times in the property’s history.

Within commercial or industrial premises lead paint can be present to many of the same features found within residential property but particularly to metal elements such as roof trusses, RSJ’s, metal windows, cladding and sheet materials. Premises, whether derelict or in use, many have as part of their construction large areas of brick work which can also feature lead paint, Click here for Lead Paint Testing of Commercial Property.

Once the survey inspection has been undertaken the resulting report is then used to form either an ongoing management policy and lead paint register for the building under normal occupation levels, or used to assess the risk prior to major refurbishment and or demolition. Our reports in each scenario will contain the following information.

  • Lead Paint Register of identified and suspect lead paint coatings (LPC).
  • Floor plans and locations of sampling points.
  • Photographs and reference points.
  • Certificates from sample locations we have taken with results in PPM or mg/kg or percentages.
  • Recommendations on lead paint occurrences within the property and meeting your obligations.

Where we have undertaken a survey and report EnviroHive Ltd can also provided a detailed method statement and risk assessment for a contractor where the removal of lead paints coatings are required.

Lead Paint Testing

Lead paint testing can also be undertaken as a standalone exercise without the accompanying report. Samples are either taken on site by our surveyor or from samples which have been sent to our office for analysis. Certificates are always produced for each of the samples taken/received together with results in PPM or percentages or mg/kg figure for each paint sample, different turnaround times are available from 6hrs to 48hrs depending on your urgency for the results. Where positive results have been identified EnviroHive Ltd are above to advise on what steps are necessary and what precautions should be undertaken.   

Whether you require a lead paint survey for the management of an occupied building or a refurbishment lead paint survey prior to your works commencing EnviroHive Ltd can produce a site specific report and Lead Paint register for your premises.

Whatever your requirements and whatever your property type is we can assist you in all instances from residential property projects to large scale commercial and industrial projects. Please contact us and one of our surveyors will be happy to discuss your requirements.

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Lead Paint Surveys

Lead paint surveys & analysis are crucially important for those involved in refurbishment or renovation, particularly in period properties or listed buildings which have been neglected or have remained unchanged for some time.

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