Asbestos Survey Winchester

We specialise in performing two different types of asbestos surveys: asbestos management surveys and asbestos refurbishment & demolition asbestos surveys. Each one serves a unique purpose for property owners and buyers.

Asbestos management surveys are the most common inspection surveys requested. All industrial and commercial properties built prior to the year 2000 must comply with the UK Government’s 2012 legislation entitled the “Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012. 

The surveying process requires a surveyor to attend the property to inspect it for asbestos-containing materials. Samples are taken from any suspect materials found and sent for laboratory testing. The test results will identify the type(s) of asbestos and the risk it poses on the building occupants. 

If you plan to refurbish or demolish your property, you are required to commission an asbestos refurbishment and demolition survey before any work is started. Any asbestos-containing materials must be carefully managed and removed prior to any works occurring. 

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Asbestos Surveys

We undertake asbestos surveys as directed by UK legislation. We provide Management Asbestos Surveys & Refurbishment/Demolition Asbestos Surveys for all residential properties, commercial properties & industrial properties.

Lead Paint Surveys

Lead paint surveys & analysis are crucially important for those involved in refurbishment or renovation, particularly in period properties or listed buildings which have been neglected or have remained unchanged for some time.

Anthrax & Horse Hair Surveys

EnviroHive Ltd undertake Anthrax Surveys & Tests on horse hair and other animal hairs within plaster including lathe and plaster varieties which can feature within older buildings, particularly listed properties.

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