Covid-19 Compliance

Risk Assessments

As a result of the outbreak of Covid 19 it is now a requirement for employers to take reasonable steps to protect workers and others form Coronavirus. Like other forms of risk assessment this means collecting and assessing information which will help you manage the risk and help protect people. The following information must be collected:

  • Identify what sort of activities, exercises, tasks etc within your organisation may lead to the transmission of the virus or increase the likelihood of transmission of the virus.
  • Identify the persons or groups which may be at risk.
  • Evaluate the likelihood that persons or groups may be exposed to Covid 19.
  • Introduce control measure to reduce the risk of exposure as far as reasonable practicable.

Following the completion of the Covid 19 risk assessment several control measures maybe put in place in order to remove the risk of exposure  & transmission entirely or reduce the likelihood of exposure and & transmission to as far as is reasonably practicable.

Covid-19 Surveys

A Covid-19 survey will build on from the initial risk assessment and stipulate what should be introduced and implemented and critically the mechanics of how any recommendation or control measures should be introduced. A Covid-19 Survey will provide a greater level of detailed information on the workplace in question or may form part of an assessment & survey of a large office setup or several different workplace locations.

Covid-19 Audits

A Covid-19 Audit is undertaken on a premises where there is existing documentation or risk assessments or surveys in place which the client wishes to audit for confirmation that these are suitable for continued use. An Audit may be requested where there an issue or an incidence has occurred or where the business has changed in its operation/ownership and requires impartial scrutiny of existing procedures and documents with respect to Covid-19 procedures.

All audits are carried out onsite and this phases of the exercise will involve a detailed examination of existing control measures, all documentations and procedures. Following the initial onsite phase a detailed report is compiled with our summary, findings and recommendations including any immediate or critical actions which must be implemented by the client.

If you are considering your approach to Covid-19 compliance and wish to discuss this further please contact one of our consultants, and we will be happy to discuss your requirements.

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