Asbestos Survey - March 2012


If you are a home or property owner, or have a commercial or retail business, and are concerned about asbestos, then call the professional team at Envirohive who are an expert consultancy and management company operating in the UK and Europe. (Read More)



Demolition Asbestos Survey - April 2012


EnviroHive offers are a specialist environmental and safety consultancy firm with offices in Surrey and central London.
The company specialises in.
(Read More)


Management Asbestos Survey - April 2012


For clients wishing to occupy or manage, refurbish or demolish a property. (Read More)



Asbestos Testing & Surveys - April 2012


Asbestos testing and surveys can seem to be rather complex, and it's important that you find an experienced and knowledgeable company that can carry out such testing and surveys, (Read More)



Asbestos Surveys from the Expert - May 2012


If you are looking for a professional organisation who will help you to take care of your property if it contains asbestos then look no further than Envirohive (Read More)



Asbestos Surveys - June 2012


Asbestos, although now banned from sale and import in the UK was widely used in the construction and refurbishment of buildings between 1920 and 1999 (Read More)



Lead Paint Surveys, Tests & Assessments - June 2012


Up until the early 1980s lead based paints were in common use, particularly white lead which was added to paints as a colour pigment for painting metal and wood (Read More)



Where to find Asbestos Testing Services - June 2012


If your company premises or domestic property requires asbestos testing services it is crucial that you employ a professional specialist company who use surveyors qualified from (Read More)



Asbestos Surveys - July 2012

If you have concerns that your commercial premises, retail business or home property may contain asbestos it is vital that this potentially harmful material is correctly and fully managed (Read More)



Hazardous Materials Survey - August 2012


Legislation, due diligence and best working practices are changing at a fast pace in the UK when the question of demolishing property is being asked. (Read More)



Commercial Asbestos surveys – Does your property need to be inspected? - Sept 2012


If your property was built or renovated before the year 2000 and you’ve not had it checked for asbestos, then yes, it does need to be inspected. (Read More)

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