The Continuing Dangers Of Asbestos Exposure

Asbestos is considered to be a prominent issue that prevails across the world. While the use of asbestos has largely been limited, older buildings and other locations still pose a risk to citizens’ livelihood. Because of its ability to overcome heat and chemicals, the mineral has been previously widely used in almost every aspect. Construction workers and plumbers are highly likely to have been exposed to high levels of asbestos in the past as they work. 

Around 3,000 Deaths Annually In The UK From Asbestos Exposure

While asbestos is not considered a major threat globally, there are still many deaths occurring regularly. About 3,000 annual deaths are reported in the UK because of previous asbestos exposure. The problem is that any form of asbestos exposure is harmful. While the extent of the harm depends on how much asbestos is inhaled which increases your overall exposure. Since intense exposure to this element leads to the development of cancer, there is no denying that asbestos proves to be life-threatening over time. With the number of people dying in a year, there needs to be some action taken to lower these numbers from their historic highs to assist in a overal downward trend to as low and reasonably practicable. 

Disasters May Cause Extreme Asbestos-Exposure Events

One of the main issues that exist where an accident or an incident takes place is the possibility of high exposures to asbestos. In the event of a fire, escapement of water, collapse or sudden failure there is the possibility of exposure to emergency personnel from asbestos containing materials within the building. Asbestos containing materials can become damaged or broken or fail as a result of the incident, through collapse or through disturbance from emergency service personal. Such occurrences can lead to significant exposures for those onsite or those investigating the incident immediately after. 

This proves to be highly alarming as there is no clear way of knowing when a person may be in contact or exposed to asbestos. The possibility of any form of disaster can be highly alarming. It would lead to widespread asbestos particles in the air, leading to more and more people inhaling them. This is one reason why asbestos registers are maintained so as where such events take place consultatio with the register can be made and mitigating measures put in place to reduce any potential exposed to as low as reasonably practicable. 

Asbestos Exposure Is Cumulative, So Short-Term Exposures Add Up

Other factors to consider are that if a person has had asbestos exposure at several points over their life this adds up over time making your overall risk of developing an asbestos related disease more likely. Those that smoke will create a more than an additive effect. This is a further reason why asbestos surveys and registers must be maintained for a given building to reduce the likelihood of exposure and disturbance. Asbestos testing should be performed and where required removal of asbestos containing materials where these are in a poor condition. Contact EnviroHive for asbestos-related solutions.