When and Why Was Asbestos Used?

The question that does come about it is simple. When was asbestos used and why was it used in the first place? Here are just a few reasons when and why people used asbestos.

Fireproofing Properties

When it came to using materials that were  inexpensive and had fireproofing qualities, asbestos was found to have fire retardant properties. It has  been used in almost all materials from clothing to rooftops. The reason why asbestos is known for its fireproofing properties was that it was non-flammable and was also non-combustible. It meant that you could use it in a variety of building materials and uses 

Its fibres, that were extremely robust, were strong enough to be woven into other fibres to create a plethora of woven products such as ropes, blankets and electrical fireproofing. 

Asbestos Occurs Naturally on Every Continent in the World

A significant reason why people used asbestos overtly was that this was a naturally occurring material that was found in almost all the continents. The easy availability made it relatively easy for almost all countries to use asbestos to their advantage.

The pharaohs of Egypt supposedly used it by getting wrapped in garments made of asbestos to keep their bodies from deteriorating. Finland; a place where they found clay pots with asbestos as their main ingredient.

Commercialisation Occurred in the Late 1800s

Though the common man could use asbestos easily whenever they may find, it wasn’t until the 1800s that the industrialisation of the material happened. The commercialisation of asbestos created a whole industry. Mines all around the world started mining for asbestos. The product was malleable, easy to use in almost all products from car parts to pipe insulation.

Documentation of Hazardous Properties

Though specific measures were taken by some factories, over the years, the health reports were ignored and forgotten. Lung cancer and other breathing-related issues had progressed in the mining, milling and factory communities. It had progressed from the miners to their wives and children.